Custom protection

What is it?

It is a flexible product composed of an insulating material wrapped in one or more technical fabrics.

Made to measure, the mattresses are installed in addition to or as a replacement for the rigid thermal insulation and adapt to the most complex shapes.

They guarantee THERMAL and PHONIC protection for the installations (by limiting the heat and acoustic losses) and for the workers (avoiding the risk of burns, hearing damage or shocks).

With these strengths, the mattress is recognized and acclaimed by all our customers.


This isolation technique has certain advantages compared to traditional insulation :

Thanks to its ergonomics; perfectly adapted to the installation. Thanks to the quick-closing system, which is generally integrated into the mattress. It requires no special tools to either assemble or disassemble it. The operation can be repeated without damaging the envelope. It can thus be fitted by personnel with little training.

By the nature of its components, the mattress is much lighter, compared to a rigid insulation consisting of sheet metal.
This lightness implies working conditions and easier handling as well as a shorter intervention time.

The mattress consists of an outer fabric envelope stuffed with a glass or rock wool filling. This composition makes it very supple. It can thus be distorted or compressed so that it can be fitted even in places that are difficult to access, without any risk of damaging the installations.

The mattress adapts to high temperature variations, up to 1000 ° C and is therefore suitable for the many installations of our customers in very diverse sectors: nuclear, industry, maritime, aerospace, medical.

Unlike “rigid” sheet metal type insulation, the suppleness of the mattress allows it to be distorted and thus reduces the storage or conditioning space required.

The fabric does not conduct heat. The insulating mattress does not allow the propagation of heat.

The mattress is a clean system. As it is entirely enclosed with the fabric envelope, the insulation does not generate any waste during assembly and disassembly under normal application conditions.

The mattress is part of this process for the following reasons:

  • Absence of waste
    – No routing
    – No treatment
  • Optimization of thermal insulation = reduction of energy expenditure
Le matelas isolant MATRIS
Le matelas isolant MATRIS
Le matelas isolant MATRIS
Le matelas isolant MATRIS
Le matelas isolant MATRIS
Le matelas isolant MATRIS

Personalized manufacture on demand

Based on a customer plan or a dimensional survey of the installation, MATRIS designs the mattress in 3D.

The pieces are assembled to form an envelope which will then receive the closing accessories and which will be lined with the appropriate insulation.

Without special specification from the client, a study will be carried out by our teams to determine all the application parameters of the mattress, such as:

  • The application temperature
  • Energy efficiency
  • Environmental constraints
  • The congestion limits

Depending on these parameters, the materials are carefully selected to confirm the ambition of quality and longevity of the products.

Le matelas isolant MATRIS
Le matelas isolant MATRIS
Le matelas isolant MATRIS
Le matelas isolant MATRIS
Le matelas isolant MATRIS
Le matelas isolant MATRIS